How to bring nature into your decoration

How to bring nature into your decoration.?


In recent years, nature has been an integral part of the major decorating trends. Whether you live in the city center or in the countryside, nature invites itself into our interiors to create a warm and soothing decoration. Apart from green plants, do you know that there are other tips for having a piece of nature in your living room or bedroom? Why not have a photo on canvas of a landscape in your interior for example?

Hang a picture on canvas in your living room

In recent years, photos on canvas have been increasingly used in interiors to add an artistic touch to your decor . The canvas offers the advantage of presenting excellent color rendering while sublimating the photograph.

To have a personalized decoration, you can have your own photos printed on a canvas. This is an opportunity to immortalize a beautiful landscape taken during your last vacation! It is also a very nice way to have an original decoration. You can choose to install a single large canvas on the wall, or play the accumulation card with smaller canvases.

Here are some photo canvas ideas to bring nature into your home:

If you don’t have the eye of a photographer at all, know that you can print royalty-free photographs, available on image banks. Decoration brands also offer fabrics printed with landscapes or plant motifs.

The market for green plants and other indoor plants has literally exploded in recent years. Whether we have a green thumb or not, we all want to green our interior.

Do not hesitate to play the plant accumulation card, especially as you can do so in all rooms of the house. You just need to choose your plants carefully. Thus, in the kitchen or the bathroom, we will opt for tropical plants, which need humidity. In the bedroom, depolluting plants are welcome, to improve air quality. These plants can even slightly humidify the air: a good trick to fight against dry air in winter, often due to excessive heating.

If you don’t have a green thumb, opt for plants that are easy to maintain. Succulent plants such as succulents or cacti are particularly suitable. Also opt for a terrarium. In a large jar, we create a small self-sufficient garden. You can buy it ready-made in a garden store or make it yourself, with suitable plants. Do not hesitate to ask for advice, because not all plants can be used in a terrarium.


Wallpaper has regained its former glory over the past few seasons. Among the trendy patterns this year again, we find plant patterns. Realistic wallpaper in a tropical style or a more romantic floral print, the choice is yours.We advise you to install this type of wallpaper on one section of the wall only. Depending on the patterns, you can indeed quickly have an overloaded effect if you just apply it throughout the room. Then choose a section of wall to cover, to highlight a piece of furniture or an architectural element such as an arch, a niche, etc.For those who like to change their decor regularly, know that there are adhesive and/or repositionable wallpapers. The opportunity to opt for a wallpaper with a plant print without being afraid of regretting it in a few months!


Choose decorative objects with plant prints

It’s a pattern on the way to becoming timeless, like graphic patterns (polka dots, stripes, etc.): plant prints have been popular in our interiors for a few years now.It’s the right idea to add a touch of nature to your decor. Plant motifs such as flowers, jungle print or leaves are found on textiles (cushions, curtains, rugs, bed linen, etc.) as well as on tableware or decorative objects.

These plant prints offer the advantage of being rather easy to combine with other patterns. Thus the stripes combine wonderfully with floral patterns, such as liberty. The mix & match is still topical in the world of decoration. Think about it to give a new look to your sofa or your room.

At the table, crockery with plant motifs will bring a touch of fantasy to mealtimes. You can combine it with plates or dishes in stoneware or ceramic, very trendy natural materials.


Put a bouquet of flowers in your living room or in your kitchen

This is one of the easiest ways to bring nature into your home, all year round! No need to wait for spring to have a beautiful bouquet on your table. Each season has its flowers.Purchased at the market, at your florist or online, the bouquet of flowers must be highlighted in a beautiful vase . It immediately adds a country note to your living room or kitchen!If, like us, you have a pinch in your heart every time your bouquet of flowers fades, consider dried flowers . As a bouquet or declined in wall decoration in the form of a crown, they can be kept for years. Provided you take care of it! Remember to dust them regularly and not to expose them to direct sunlight, to prevent their color from fading.

Use diffusers and candles

Fir, woody smell, peonies, roses… What if the smells gave you the impression of living in the heart of nature? For this, simply think of perfume diffusers and scented candles.


More and more brands are emphasizing these natural scents. A real invitation to relax. For continuous diffusion, in a living room or in the bathroom, consider perfume diffusers. They are usually beautiful decorative items. They diffuse a subtle scent thanks to a system of sticks and take up little space.In the evening, light a scented candle. Choose candles with natural ingredients, which are more respectful of your health and the environment. Many French brands such as Durance or Les Bougies de Charroux offer a wide variety of scents inspired by nature. Be sure to ventilate the room well after burning your candle.

With these tips, bringing nature into your home has never been easier!

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