Children of honor advice for a stylish procession

Children of honor advice for a stylish procession.?


Preparations for your wedding are progressing rapidly, and you are now wondering about the procession . Multiple questions are swirling around in your head: how many children to choose? What outfits.

Wedding ceremony: how to constitute your procession of children?

First of all, assume that it’s your wedding and that you alone are the decision maker! The number of children, for example, is left to your discretion. Be aware, however, that a range of 4 to 8 toddlers is reasonable to avoid a drama. As for ages, it is preferable that they are between 5 and 10 years old . Indeed, if they are smaller, it will be more difficult to capture their attention throughout the ceremony. Parity requires, make sure to have as many little men as little ladies, bet on an even number, an ethical and aesthetic question! Remember to select the same number of cherubim on the groom’s side as on the bride’s side. We shouldn’t upset the future in-laws…

Even if no link between the children and yourself is necessary – you can completely involve the offspring of your friends, or your godchildren. When you have made up your mind, let the parents know at least four months before the wedding and, once they have agreed, start looking for a cute outfit! The children of honor play the role of ring bearers or even small models with confetti in the aisles. How not to crack seeing them jiggle, have fun and participate in your happiness!

What outfit to choose for the children of honor?

To dress up your procession, keep in mind that in addition to being cute, the outfit must be comfortable . Do not forget that little wolves like to run and have fun: children of honor, yes, but children first! Another aspect to which it will be necessary to pay attention, harmony, if you want to obtain an elegant and joyful result. For each wedding theme , a wide choice of clothes and ideas are available to you to turn your darlings into fashion victims . Finally, think about your budget or that of the parents of the little wolves who will form your procession.

For rural unions , for example, stay in the bucolic spirit by betting on flowery clothes and Liberty fabric. Use and abuse the total “flower power” look from head to toe

If you are leaning towards a wedding by the sea , the timeless sailor top is a key piece so as not to mismatch – it goes perfectly with a skirt, shorts or Bermuda shorts. The sailor bodysuit is also a must-have .

Are you getting married in the countryside in a guinguette atmosphere ? Go for pieces in gingham. Accessorize with straps for a retro touch . How not to succumb? Timeless, you won’t be able to make a false note with a totally white style: real little angels!

And why not make your little bridesmaids mini you? They will love playing the princesses in a volume dress. Sissi better watch out.

Finally, bring joy with accessories , such as a tiara or a crown of flowers, which will complete the look. And, good news, there are some at all prices ! For their little toes, we say yes to all forms of shoes: ballet flats, espadrilles, sneakers… as long as the cherubim are comfortable. Don’t forget to provide them with a small wicker basket to welcome you with flowers !

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