How To Do Your Hair care.

How To Do Your Hair care.?


At first, operate in the direction of the wick for a few seconds. Then direct the jet of hot air in the opposite direction. Changes in direction will act on the hairline and thus help change the direction of the flyaway Source Research .

but still, How to have hair  care that is easy to comb?

One of the secrets to having quality curls or waves is the application of saline solution. Just apply just a little to your slightly damp hair and scatter it all over with your fingers for a great haircut !

on the other hand How to comb your hair properly?

Rule number one: never untangle or use your brush on wet hair . These are more brittle. If you want to untangle them when you get out of the shower, it is therefore advisable to use a wide-toothed comb.

then How to comb your hair in the morning? You will wake up with beautiful hair , effortlessly! Use a dry shampoo to refresh your hair and give it volume and body in a single gesture. The right technique? Spray it sparingly on your roots along your parting and on the contours of your face.

How to make a beautiful hair parting?

Choose a point about 5-7cm from the middle of your forehead, as if you were going to do a low side parting , but instead of going straight back, slide your finger or comb back diagonally.

Why go to the hairdresser when you let your hair grow?

Your hairdresser can help your hair grow gradually and with a certain harmony. In addition, it is an essential support when you reach the critical phase of the hair which takes volume on the sides and which begins to come flirting with your shoulders.

How to avoid flyaways?

Spray hairspray on the toothbrush and then brush out your flyaways . The advice of the editor: to prevent the ears, do not hesitate to change your hair routine and adopt an anti-frizz shampoo.

How to get thicker hair?

How to have thick and voluminous frizzy hair ?From heat protectant, to shampoo but also from conditioner to hair mask, I advise you to use products based on argan oil if you are used to using heating products such as a hair dryer, a straightening brush or a straightener.

What hairstyle when you have a lot of hair?

Choose longer cuts , which will give your hair a nice fall, such as a long square, a tapered mid-length or a long cut . If you are a fan of short hair , favor models that are a little longer on the top of the head and the nape of the neck, which will be more suited to the nature of your hair .

Is it good to brush your hair?

YES ! For healthy shiny hair , perfectly detangled and healthy, it is essential to brush your hair morning and evening. … Brushing your hair daily and several times a day stimulates blood micro-circulation and softens the scalp.

With a wide-toothed comb or bristle brush, style your hair from front to back, so that it all points in the same direction. Try to catch the flyaways, so that your hair forms an even mass.

How to comb frizzy hair?

1 – Wet hair and apply conditioner over moisturizer. 2 – Leave on for a few minutes, then comb in small sections using the conditioner and your wide-toothed comb. This respecting a direction from the tips to the root! 3 – Rinse out the conditioner and squeeze the water out of your hair .How to do your hair quickly in the morning?How to do your hair in 5 minutes in the morning : the right gestures.

How to make a hair zigzag parting?

Use a long, close-toothed comb and comb your hair back, holding it with the palm of your hand. Using the handle of your comb, draw a zigzag line from back to front. To finish, place your hair on each side and comb it downwards.

How do we know which parting suits us best?

If you have a heart-shaped face

Your chin is rather pointed and the top of your face is wider than the bottom. To flatter the features of your face, the pronounced side parting suits you best in order to contrast the angles and not draw the eye to the center of your face.

What face for the parting in the middle?

The thinnest faces , with pronounced cheekbones, or “triangular” in shape (the bottom of the face is thinner than the top) will wear the parting in the middle very well .

How to wait to let hair grow?

If you want to let your hair grow out after having it very short, cut the ends and use conditioner regularly . You can also take certain vitamins that promote their growth.

What hairstyle to let hair grow?

And if going from long to short is something that can be done in no time , the reverse is a more or less time-consuming and patient process. Over the months, you have to let your hair cut in pixie cut, short bob or small plunging square grow in order to be able to shape it as you see fit afterwards.

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