advice for proposing a dress code to your guests

Our ideas and advice for proposing a dress code to your guests.?


More and more of you are giving a theme to your wedding . Whether it’s a general atmosphere, a particular color, something close to your heart or a story to tell, wedding themes are popular! To go even further, why not involve your guests ? For that, it’s simple: do not hesitate to propose a dress code in harmony with the theme you have chosen! Discover our tips and beautiful inspirations for a successful wedding dress code !

Quick reminder: What is a dress code?

The dress code or vestimentary code is an “instruction” that one indicates to his guests for the big day in order to obtain a certain consistency in the level of the outfits of each one. Whether it’s an accessory, a color, a length or a style of dress, the dress code guarantees a harmonious visual and very successful original wedding photos !

Should I impose a dress code for my wedding?

Choosing a dress code for your guests is a way to guide them in choosing their costume and cocktail dress. It is not a question of imposing a strict look but of giving some clues as to the atmosphere and the theme that you wish to give to your wedding.

On the other hand, we don’t impose a dress code, we just suggest it . You will thus have a better chance that your guests will play the game without it becoming a constraint for them. Also, don’t forget to think about the budget of your guests. For example, avoid asking women to wear an overpriced evening dress or men to buy a tuxedo…they may not have any other occasion to wear them. Learn to be realistic!

In short, proposing a dress code is not intended to annoy your guests. Choosing a wedding outfit can be very complicated when the imposed color does not highlight us or when we are complexed by our body. It is therefore preferable to choose a style that is easy for everyone to adopt and affordable.dress code wedding.Seen on the blog Un Beau Jour

5 tips for getting your guests to adopt a wedding dress code

Clearly indicate your wedding dress code on your wedding  invitations  or save the date . Write down the general idea in a few words in order to better understand your expectations. An accessory, a style, a color… suggest them some good ideas.

Be specific, avoid being too vague like “Rural Dress Code” for example. It can have different meanings. Try to trick your guests by adding a few additional ideas: “Country Dress Code – Floral prints and straw boaters are welcome! So remember to be clear but leave them a little freedom !

Don’t be too authoritarian… Get the message across gently or with a bit of humour!

Do not confuse wedding dress code and disguises! Except, if you opt for a medieval wedding or Game of Throne.A common accessory: For hilarious photos, ask your loved ones to come with colorful glasses, a mask, original bow ties, etc. You can even distribute the appropriate accessories during group photos or during your photobooth animation .

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