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Style mistakes not to make when you are a wedding guest.?!


When choosing your  wedding guest look , it is difficult to disentangle the true from the false  between tradition and trend . On the one hand, you don’t want to dress  up and on the other, you want to treat yourself by wearing something out of the ordinary. Fanny Veyrac ,   renowned fashion blogger and Instagrammer, as well as Julie from the famous blog and  Instagram account  Le Petit Monde de Julie , give you their wise and benevolent advice to refine the choice of your outfit for this very special day.

The DON’ts if you are invited to a wedding:

In theory, white is the color reserved for the bride and you’ve heard many times that it doesn’t bode well to upstage her.

According to Fanny: “I don’t think it’s a big mistake. White is a summer color that can very well adapt to a wedding. However, it is said that it is forbidden to wear white so as not to be like the bride. So if you want to wear white the rule is simple, just don’t have a white dress, white shoes, a white pocket square. We avoid the total look. But you can very well wear a little white dress with, for example, very rock or very colorful accessories to contradict the outfit. »

For Julie:  “A total white look is a no-no, unless you want to get angry with the bride. By keys on the other hand yes! White brightens up an outfit, which is quite appropriate for a wedding. In theory, black is a great classic in our wardrobes, but it is traditionally associated with mourning. Difficult to decide!

According to Julie: “Why not, but it’s a bit sad for a happy day, isn’t it.?

For Fanny: “  I also find that wearing black on a wedding day is not a bad idea. Black is the color goes everywhere so it is better to wear a little black dress than to make mistakes in taste. The most beautiful outfit will remain a little black dress with bare legs, colorful shoes and accessories in shades.  »

Wearing jeans or too casual an outfit

In theory,  wedding ceremonies call for dressier outfits than usual, but you don’t want to part with your favorite pair of jeans that you think will be perfect when accessorized!According to Fanny: “Here I say  Jeans are forbidden on even the most magnificent wedding day. Jeans are the very image of relaxation, but on a wedding day we are chic. According to Julie:  “Even if we don’t like to dress up too much, we can make an exception if only to please the bride and groom. if you still don’t want to wear a dress, consider a women’s suit at the wedding .

Not following the dress code or the theme

For Fanny: “If there is a theme, it is better to follow it. After with a dress code you can sometimes try to cheat if you don’t feel comfortable. If the dress code is bohemian and you don’t feel comfortable in a long dress, you can play on the accessories, for example with a headband, a pretty blouse and appropriate jewelry.

wear something too sexy

In theory, a wedding is the perfect opportunity to look your best, so you’ve decided to give it your all. Maybe a little too much?

According to Fanny: “Sexy yes, Vulgar no! It’s up to you to share things! We avoid the plunging neckline and the mini skirt. A successful look is always made of contradictions for it to be chic. We therefore prefer with an ultra plunging neckline high-waisted fluid pants for example.For Julie: “Why not?! If you are looking for a darling, it can be an effective strategy !

Bet on the Queen of England style hat

In theory, who says wedding necessarily says a parade of hats all in color and volume! In addition, you have always had a weakness for princely weddings.For Fanny: “Personally, I like the idea, as long as the outfit goes with it.In theory, it’s a good time to dare a piece that you wouldn’t normally wear on a daily basis. However, this new strappy pair with 15 centimeter heels, was it really a good idea? For Julie:  “Heels yes, uncomfortable no. The trick is to wear them some time before the wedding or risk ruining your day/evening. »

Adopting a too much beauty look

For Julie: “Whether it’s too much or not, the most important thing is to stay yourself! For Fanny: “Same thing as the overly sexy look, never overdoing it and keeping it simple is the key word. It all depends on the season of the wedding but in general it happens in the summer. I love the idea of ​​nude makeup and a beautiful colored lipstick. »

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