7 good reasons to buy dried flowers

7 good reasons to buy dried flowers.?


We have all known the bouquets of dried flowers of our grandmothers, old, dull and without cachet. Today they are back in force with more taste, more refinement and harmony. Dried flowers are a real success all over the world, more ecological and more sustainable they are part of a line of slow consumption.Browse through this list of great reasons to buy dried flowers for different occasions.


A birthday is a bit of an occasion where you rack your brains to please and be original. And since we know you like originality, why not choose dried flowers? We offer you tons of gift ideas when you don’t have any to stand out from the crowd and make sure you offer a craft creation that is as beautiful as it is durable.What if this year you let yourself be tempted by a flowery candle that will go perfectly with any interior in addition to giving off a sweet smell of freshness? A nice attention to make your loved ones think of you for months.


Dried flowers are a great way to decorate your home with greenery without having to buy them every week. If you don’t have a green thumb, this is the ideal option since they require very little maintenance. Good news, you can also leave quietly on vacation and come back as if nothing had happened since the dried flower arrangements keep perfectly!

The bouquet of dried flowers is a perfect accessory to accompany you and match your other half, your witnesses and your decoration. Dried flower bouquets require less maintenance and allow you to organize in advance, unlike fresh flowers, you can say goodbye to the stress of last minute delivery! And then what better than an immortal object to remember this special day all your life.

Dried flowers a sustainable and responsible purchase

It takes an average of 276 liters of water for a bouquet of 12 roses, which is more than your daily consumption. Knowing that, we quickly put into perspective our need to buy a bouquet that will have faded in a few days. So no, you don’t have to say goodbye to flowers to become eco-responsible, you can choose dried flowers. By participating in slow consumption, you act in a more sustainable and responsible way. Another advantage is that you can enjoy your elegant floral arrangements for months.


For a starting drink.Dried flowers, a pretty vase… The ideal gift for a departureDried flowers, a pretty vase… The ideal gift for a departure.We grant you, it is a bit tricky to offer a gift for the departure of someone. Fortunately, dried flowers have their own symbolism. Due to their particularity of being dry, they represent the eternal, what does not die, what lasts.A bit like the inescapable trace left on the company by the person who leaves. You will find varieties of bouquets adapted to each personality. And as we have thought of everything, we offer you with each bouquet, the vase that will match perfectly.


A birth is certainly the most beautiful thing that can happen in life. However, birth lists are much less original than you. Forget the bodysuits that he will only wear for a few weeks. Instead, choose a wreath of dried flowers to dress up her newborn room and that will accompany her for years.

A DIY kit to make your own flower candles

Because there is no need for a good reason. The most beautiful attentions are often those that we do not expect. Giving a gift does not necessarily need a special occasion, whether it is for others or for yourself. It is an attention showing to a loved one our affection, our recognition or simply the desire to please him. Flowers are the basic gift that has its effect every time. But to think a little off the beaten track you can choose dried flower arrangements, more original, more durable for more pleasure.

Where to buy dried flowers?

More and more florists are getting into the dried flower trade to meet the new ecological challenges of our world and move towards an eco-responsible line of conduct. The choice is more and more varied. The other solution if you want to have it delivered directly is to go through a specialized professional, you can buy some on Flowrette , the online expert in dried flowers. It is also an excellent solution to offer it directly to the recipient!

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