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Tips on Ordering Customised Cakes from a Bakery


Whether you are throwing a birthday party or need a custom wedding cake, you will likely order one from a patisserie. You may feel inundated by the variety of options available in supermarkets and on the Internet. Consultation with a professional bakery is the initial stage in acquiring a custom-made cake that meets your requirements and budget. The following are five suggestions to remember when ordering a customised cake from a bakery.

Include as much detail as feasible.

When calling a bakery or speaking with a baker in person, your needs must be specific. You can begin by supplying a broad motif or concept for your cake, then proceed to specifics such as flavour and colour. You must also inform the confectioner of the cake’s due date and the anticipated number of visitors. This is the time to include images and additional references. Do not expect the confectioner to replicate another person’s creation; this will not result in an original, high-quality product.

Recognise that baking your confection will take time.

Even modest pastries made to order require time and attention to detail. You cannot receive your confection if you contact a patisserie the day before your event. Even cakes designed for a few individuals require time to plan, produce, and decorate. Call the bakery you’ve selected to inquire when to place your order. If you intend to order a custom cake during a holiday, be sure to give them additional time. The more time a confectioner has to create your custom cake, the higher quality it will be.

Establish a sensible budget for your custom confection.

If you have never purchased a decorated or custom cake from a grocery store, you should not use their prices to construct a budget. Most cakes in these establishments are mass-produced by bakeries who are also responsible for baking bread, biscuits, and other foods for the store. These artisans cannot concentrate as intently on your cake as a professional bakery can.

Some bakeries list their standard prices on their websites, but this may not be the best method to economise for your dessert. Remember that your custom cake will be designed specifically for you, so the final price may not be determined until you communicate with a baker. Size, garnishes, design style, and the amount of time required to prepare the confection will all impact the total price of your cake. Create an inventory before visiting a bakery and present it to the confectioner so they can estimate the cost.

Ensure that it is transported appropriately.

This piece of advice will be helpful after you’ve purchased your custom cake, but it’s still essential to know beforehand. Whether you are picking up your confection from the patisserie or having it delivered, remember that patience is essential. Moving a cake, particularly one that is tall or intricate, requires special attention and time. Ensure you can utilise that time when your custom cake is available.

Discuss with your baker.

You should be able to rely on your chosen confectioner to create a custom cake according to your specifications. However, they should be open to your feedback if you are dissatisfied with something. A professional baker will welcome your feedback on their creation, particularly if they deviate from your specifications. Bring any discrepancies to the attention of the baker or their assistant. Typically, there is a reasonable explanation for any deviations from your original plan

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