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Is Buying a Rolex Watch a Good Idea?


Undoubtedly, Rolex is the most famous brand for luxury watches in the world. From watch lovers to people who just know a little about wristwatches, Rolex as a brand is known globally for being a symbol of quality, success, style, and luxury.

With history traced back to 1905, a Rolex watch is not only sought after by elites but also produced revolutionary innovations, which have added professional sports players, NASA, scientists, and the military.

Rolex watch is also a prestigious watch brand globally. And to reflect its style, precision, and quality, it equally has a precious tag for pricing. Not to mention Rolex watch has a high value that increases with time, making it a good investment.

But it is important to note that Rolex’s value varies based on demand and supply. For instance, Rolex watches, which are in mint condition or are regarded as a rare gem, will have a higher value when compared to those that aren’t.

Investing 101: What Are the Basics?

Investing in a luxury watch is a perfect way of diversifying your investment portfolio and even having access to a high-quality timepiece. Rolex watches as among the most common timepieces for investors, they are famed for their stellar craftsmanship and iconic designs.

However, before making any move, it would be best to understand the basics of investment in Rolex watches, such as what kind of return you may expect, considerations for reselling, and how to purchase them.

What Models Can You Buy?

The Submariner is among the most popular and iconic models, usually regarded as classic. The model was introduced around seven decades ago, and since then, it has been a staple of luxury watches in the market. For years, the Submariner has undergone a few design improvements and changes. It has now been updated with new features and technological advancements, making them accurate, durable, and reliable. You may wear one on the beach and in the office.

The Cosmography Daytona is also a good model to buy. When it was first introduced in 1963, it didn’t make a lot of sales upon its launch. However, the model became a vintage classic after a Hollywood actor, Paul Newman, spotted it. Among the newest models to join the Rolex family is Sky-Dweller, which is an annual –calendar product serving as an ideal timepiece for every avid traveler.

Another model you can buy is Rolex GMT-Master II. The model is popular among aviation enthusiasts and travelers thanks to its capability of displaying several time zones. The model also has an iconic design that features a bidirectional rotating bezel, traditional second/minute/hour hand, and triangle-tipped 24-hour hand, enabling users to track two time zones simultaneously.

How Much Does a Rolex Watch Cost?

When buying a Rolex watch, you will need to pay the MSRP, which the retailer will be charging you. At times, this is less than pre-owned Rolex watches. But ideally, the cost of a Rolex, whether new or pre-owned, will depend on various factors, like condition, model, material, and value.

Which Factors Determine Your Investment Decision?

There are numerous reasons why a Rolex watch is a great investment, especially if bought wisely. Some of the factors that may influence your investment decision may include the following:

  • Price increase: Rolex often institutes price increases annually to protect the watches’ value, which have been bought already. This move helps the company to keep up with the growing demand in the market and, more importantly, give value to all its existing customers. It will be safe to purchase a Rolex watch since the money you spend will always be protected.
  • Supply and demand: The supply of Rolex has exceeded demand to the extent that now authorized dealers have zero inventory to display, and pre-owned markets have exploded simply because buying new ones have become very difficult. This is good because the company manufactures over one million Rolex watches every year, which is a big number. The company has also done a good job of building a brand and manufacturing quality products.

Why Buy Rolex Watches?

Whether new or used, buying a Rolex watch can be a good idea for most who want to own one. Buying a used one, in particular, allows you to find a watch, which is not in production anymore, and it could be worth more than a new one.

Plus, Rolex watches may last for generations, and investing in a used one is something to be happy about. But if you are still not sure whether buying one is a good idea, the following are reasons to convince you:

1. Exceptional Quality

Rolex has grown to the prestige and size it has for a good reason. The truth is that the company manufactures the most iconic and luxurious watches you can find in the world.

The company focuses on manufacturing watches that last for years and can hold up against changes you may throw at them, from extreme depths to extreme temperatures.

2. Value

Rolex watches guarantee excellent value. Most of them provide value in terms of reselling, investment, and reliability as products. This makes a lot of sense because the products are quality.

Unlike most throwaway products, which are cheaply churned out these days, Rolex watches are made to last. That means, as long as you keep Rolex in good nick, it’s going to retain its value remarkably.

3. Image of Success

Owning and wearing Rolex watches show the image of success, both personally and professionally. You will only see one or two people wearing a Rolex watch in a networking event and a business meeting.

Most of these people have either succeeded or are succeeding in life and business, while others buy them to commemorate the fact they have already made success.

Final Touches

For people interested in buying a luxury and beautiful watch, buying a Rolex watch will be a great idea, based on the model. It is always important to research what every model offers in terms of functionality and features. By researching those factors, you will establish inherent value, which may spawn value growth.

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